Tamarock Construction’s history goes back to 1976 with the beginnings of Tamarock Masonry. The second generation of the Byrne family–Bailey–has taken the skills he’s learned in over 20 years in the construction business and formed Tamarock Construction (BC-36207)

While the business will always be rooted in masonry, rock walls, and polished concrete, it now includes ground-up building services and applying an epoxy coating to surfaces. The commitment to do projects with the right materials for the job with meticulous attention to detail and aesthetic excellence is at the core of Tamarock Construction.

When we decided to move into the application of epoxy to surfaces, the team underwent specialized training in Miami to ensure that they were using the best materials possible with state-of-the-art application techniques. We sought to be the best at what we do and believe that our work shows that we can accomplish a spectacular level of durability with stunning beauty. We think it says something that the owner of a large mainland construction company chose Tamarock Construction for the work on their exclusive home in Kohala.

What can Tamarock Construction do for you?

Ground Up Builds

Polished Concrete

Stamped Concrete

Concrete Restoration

Expoxy Flooring

Rock Walls

Pool Decks

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