Metalic Epoxy

Tamarock Construction has never been stuck on the “old ways” of doing things. Innovation and bringing new products to Hawaii, while at the same time maintaining the highest standards of construction excellence, have always been a guiding light for Tamarock.

Years of masonry and polished concrete experience have made them the natural leaders in bringing professional epoxy flooring to market. To this end, much of the team has attended specialized training in Miami to ensure that what they do will not only look great but also endure.

What is epoxy? Expoxy is a chemical resin, a polymer, that is cured to create a tough, durable, and highly customizable colors and effect, coating.

What are the benefits of having epoxy applied to a floor? With an infinite level of customization with colors, metallic additives, and patterns, it looks great, adding a tremendous aesthetic value to your property. It offers a long-life coating that is highly resistant to damage. Epoxy floors are also smooth, hygienic, and slip-resistant, so it is also a great choice for kitchen and interior environments. While costs can vary, it is certainly less expensive than replacing concrete, tiles, and other treatments.

My neighbor tried to do his garage by himself. It didn’t go well. Unfortunately, do-it-yourself epoxy projects often suffer from poor surface preparation, non-professional grade epoxies, and poor application techniques. Tamarock Construction has done many hundreds of square feet of epoxy flooring coatings and specialized training to ensure a high-quality installation of only the highest grade materials.

What are some places on a property where you have installed epoxy? Basically, any concrete surface is a good location. We’ve done garages, lanais, driveways, and kitchens.