Concrete Restoration

Hawaii’s harsh temperatures and UV rays will, over time affect the appearance and surface of concrete. In addition, if the concrete was not installed optimally, there can be cracks or defects in the surface. Tamarock Construction has many years of experience in restoring concrete in West Hawaii.

From fixing cracks and heaves to resurfacing worn concrete, Tamarock Construction can make what is old look new. There are many ways to reseal and recover concrete that provide a beautiful and lasting look to your concrete, adding safety and value to your property.

Since our founding as a masonry company in 1976 (Tamarock Masonry), we have done hundreds of projects in West Hawaii (Kona-Kohala areas) with attention to details, materials and craftsmanship.

Give us a call at 808-333-4444 to discuss how we can help your repair, restore and rejuvenate your concrete.