Rock Walls

From ancient Hawaii to the modern days, rock walls are some of the signature features of many fine properties. Rock walls are the signature feature for properties in Hawaii Island for many good reasons–they use locally-available materials, they will last for generations, and, of course, they look great.

Tamarock Construction’s rock wall building experience comes from its origins as one of West Hawaii’s leading masonry companies (starting as Tamarock Masonry in 1976). As many would agree, a properly made rock wall sets the environment as uniquely Hawaii Island, something that brings a special sense of pride and place to the work we do.

When deciding on your lava rock wall or feature, you can consider at least two of the types of lava you’ll see on Hawaii Island: pahoehoe, the smoother, taffy-like lava rock, or the aa, the rougher and more round type of lava. Or, you can combine them to make your own unique lava rock wall.

Tamarock Construction has been working with lava rock, and making lava rock walls for years, so give us a call at 808-333-4444 to begin your search for a lava rock contractor.